Support your local Lions Clubs and your community

Buy Lions’ famous traditional Christmas Fruit Cake.

Lions are ordinary men, women and young people from all walks of life.

We are united in our desire to make a difference by contributing our personal time and talents to help other people.  

We bridge political, economic, religious and social boundaries.


Public, Businesses & Not-for-Profit Organisations.

Can either buy through a local Lions Club or by buying online - right here.

Either way all Net profits all go back to local Lions Clubs.

From your local Lions Club

RRP $25 per cake

Single Cake - Online Sales SOLD OUT!

Directly on the Internet: 1 Packaged cake at $25 plus freight

12 pack of cakes - Online Sales SOLD OUT!

Directly on the Internet: 12 Packaged cakes at $300 which is $25 each (including Freight)

Support Lions Child Mobility Foundation (CMF) - by buying Lions Christmas Cakes.

We Serve for the children, so they may walk.

The Lions Clubs New Zealand Child Mobility Foundation (CMF) supports children who suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or similar disabilities.  Providing help for children with mobility problems.

Businesses, Lion Clubs and the Public can support CMF - buy Lions Christmas Cakes this year by buying Lions Christmas Cakes below.  Simple.  Net proceeds go to CMF.

For much more information about CMF go to CMF website - click here.